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About Us

In this day and age, when people talk of social networks, you can hear the words Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn within one breath… Back in the days it was Friendster, Myspace, AOL, and even Yahoo. We believe these names are fads of their time built on hype. As they say what goes up must come down.

Persociety is working towards creating a model of sustainability and long term usability for its end users. Imagine something as simple as a personal contact network that makes life easier to manage without the craze of social networking and hype. These are just some of the few things we’re working on.

The Founders of Persociety are committed towards delivering solutions that benefit their end users, not third parties like advertisers. Our number one commitment to you is to deliver the best services and that starts with no advertising or selling of your personal information. With this model your network is private and that is what tomorrow’s hype is all about, privacy. At Persociety, Life is centered in upon you, not others.